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August 7, 2020

Top FormFree headlines from July 2020

New era borne of pandemic to upend mortgage costs

Housing Finance Strategies’ Faith Schwartz predicts three mortgage efficiency gains that just might outlive the pandemic that produced them: better evaluation of borrower capacity; superior technology for capturing and storing property value; and remote online closings.
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How one company is addressing digital VOA shortcomings

Lenders are growing frustrated with digital Verification of Asset (VOA) services that don’t always work — and FormFree is listening. Get the full scoop in HousingWire.
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FormFree taps Jocelyn Crum Brooks, AMP

Brooks joins FormFree as national account manager, bringing with her two decades’ experience supporting lender relationships with Freddie Mac.
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Financial data aggregation: Paving the way for smoother mortgage transactions

Get an overview of the current uses and limitations of direct-source financial data in the mortgage space and opportunities for advancement in the field.
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2020 CMBA Mortgage Innovators Conference
August 17-18 | Virtual

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Team spotlight: Brian Francis

Brian Francis is chief technology officer at FormFree. He is responsible for the design and development of FormFree’s solutions architecture. Born in Germany, Brian played the saxophone in high school and college and started programming at the age of 10 (in ’77). He enjoys golf, wine and bourbon, video games, working out and the beach.