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November 13, 2020

If consumers aren’t holding lenders back, then who or what is? (HousingWire)

Think back on all the major financial decisions you’ve made since entering adulthood. Perhaps your list starts with renting your first apartment or buying your first car. Later, you may have taken out a personal or small business loan. Eventually, you purchased your first house, maybe got a home equity line of credit. There’s a common denominator in all of these transactions: It’s you.

Chances are, you don’t work for the same company that employed you when you got your first apartment. Your annual income has likely grown, and your assets and debts have almost certainly changed, whether for the better or worse. Your credit score has ebbed and flowed. Your name might have changed due to marriage or divorce. In fact, your fingerprints might be about the only thing that’s the same today as when you started your financial journey.

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