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Top FormFree Headlines from April 2021

Why millions of prospective borrowers are stuck in ‘no man’s land’

With millions of Americans unemployed, borrower income is uncertain. Uncertainty spells risk for lenders and investors, who tend to respond by tightening their underwriting guidelines. This seems sensible — but it also has unintended consequences.

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MX helps FormFree speed up loan approval process

Some borrowers were experiencing long connection times due to multi-factor authentication pop-ups — so we partnered with MX, the leader in modern connectivity and data enhancement, to reduce connection times by 89 percent.

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Team Member Spotlight: Tori Pirtle

As a data analyst, Tori works on automating client and internal reports and helps create analytics dashboards for the company. She will be graduating in May with a master of science degree in business analytics from the University of Georgia, where she also earned her undergrad in computer science. In her free time, Tori loves traveling, spending time with family and obsessing over anything Disney.

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