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Top FormFree Headlines from February 2021

FormFree’s income & employment verifications now cover 85% of US workers

AccountChek 3n1 asset, employment and income (AIE) verification software now covers over 100 million wage earners, or 85% of U.S. workers employed by firms that use a payroll processing service. The enhanced coverage delivers direct-source payroll data and original income documentation from 35 of the largest payroll service providers in the nation.

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PODCAST: How FormFree has found a better way to assess ‘ability to pay’

On a recent episode of Lykken on Lending, FormFree Founder Brent Chandler and industry personality David Lykken discuss empowering consumers and giving lenders a more transparent view of borrower financial DNA.

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Team Member Spotlight: Laura Graben

As client relationship specialist, Laura develops and maintains trusted relationships with customers to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction. Before joining FormFree, Laura obtained her master’s degree in nonprofit management from UGA and started her professional career in the nonprofit world. In her spare time, Laura is a personal trainer/nutritionist.


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