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Top FormFree headlines from May 2020

MBA NewsLink: Timely employment verification pivotal to mortgage, other consumer lending risk management

Investors’ loss of confidence in current employment verification methods is accelerating an already-in-motion shift in how borrowers’ ability to repay is assessed. Read more

‘Modeling forbearance & losses in the COVID-19 world’ feat. Faith Schwartz

Part of the MBA’s weekly COVID-19 content series, this webinar reviews government forbearance programs, addresses the limitations of current loss models and explores new modeling considerations and assumptions for COVID-19. Watch now

National Mortgage News: Fannie Mae temporarily drops employment rep and warrant relief

FormFree Founder and CEO Brent Chandler helps explain what the change means for lenders. Read more

‘Closing in COVID-19 and beyond’ with Faith Schwartz

Veteran industry professionals discuss the technological changes in closings during the coronavirus pandemic and what we can expect to see in the future. Watch now

FormFree’s ‘Best in Show’ demo @ #NEXTWINTER20

Watch video

Team spotlight: Meet Jess Will

Jess interned with FormFree while completing her master’s degree in business analytics at the University of Georgia. Now a full-time FormFree data analyst, Jess is passionate about encouraging women to pursue their career goals, especially in STEM fields. She is an avid Spanish speaker (Jess double majored in math and Spanish as an undergrad!) who has taught English as a second language and loves traveling to Latin America.

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