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Top FormFree Headlines from October 2020

ATP scoring paves new path to financial inclusion

Excluding people from the economy is bad for the victims and bad for the rest of the economy too. Why do less business than you could? Why leave people out? FormFree’s Passport analyzes a borrower’s entire financial situation. Read more


FormFree receives US patent for its ground-breaking approach to credit decisioning

The patent covers FormFree’s technology, which analyzes direct-source financial data to determine a consumer’s ability to repay any type of loan and offers a more accurate and comprehensive measurement of ability to pay (ATP) than traditional credit scoring. Read more


FormFree enhances Encompass Consumer Connect integration with 1003 auto-population

Now, borrower data collected by AccountChek in Consumer Connect will automatically map to the Form 1003 in the Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform, saving lenders time and relieving them of the frustration and risk associated with manual data entry. Read more


FormFree CTO Brian Francis Named 2020 HousingWire Vanguard

The 2020 HousingWire Vanguard Awards were more competitive than ever before, making us exceptionally proud to count FormFree’s CTO Brian Francis among the honorees. Read more


Thank you for your support!

With your help, FormFree’s #HeroesGolfClassic raised nearly $30,000 for disaster relief through the American Red Cross.

Capital market by appetite

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Team spotlight: Zach Boronczyk

As vendor management, risk and compliance manager at FormFree, Zach monitors all risks that confront our products. Before joining FormFree, he led data teams for two prior companies and worked in technical support. Zach has lived in 13 different cities from Texas to upstate New York. A former stand-up comic, in his free time Zach loves going to concerts (pre-COVID), collecting vinyl records and playing video games.

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