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FormFree understands where consumer data resides, how to gain access to it and most importantly, how to make it actionable for everyone.

FormFree is a market-leading technology company whose patented technology is building a more transparent and inclusive credit and capital market by enabling creditors to understand a person’s ability-to-pay (ATP) and willingness-to-pay.

Brent A. Chandler

Founder of FormFree

Chandler founded FormFree in 2008 after his own frustrating home-buying experience fueled an obsession with making loans simpler and safer for everyone. A widely recognized innovator in mortgage and financial services technologies, Brent has nearly 25 years of experience on the leading edge of personal finance.

FormFree’s Vision

Where asset meets credit, there is nirvana. Our vision is to leverage data and intelligence to usher in a new era of transparent, fair and liquid credit markets, and make credit more available to the underserved.

FormFree’s Mission

Our mission is to empower everyone with transparency, optionality and financial agency, turning the legacy credit regime on its head.