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FormFree Closes 3 New Deals Before New Year, More to Come in 2014

As most of America began settling in for the holiday season, FormFree was still hard at work hammering out deals that will position both FormFree and its partners with a strong competitive advantage moving into 2014 and beyond.
Out of the dozen or so in negotiation, a few notable deals closed before the ball dropped:

FORA Financial has signed on as a direct seller of our award-winning AccountChek asset verification application. FormFree is delighted to be in a position to directly leverage its technology to help small businesses grow and prosper.
“Working Capital for Small Businesses”

HAPO Community Credit Union will now utilize AccountChek to speed up and effectively secure the loan application process.
“Putting members first.”

Consolidated Community Credit Union will also offer applicants our powerful AccountChek application to provide faster loan approvals, improve customer service, and greatly reduce the chances of costly fraud.
“Because we answer to you.”

Thank You!

FormFree is proud of our new partners, and looks forward to many new positive relationships in 2014 and beyond!

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