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FormFree can verify employment and income for borrower mortgage assistance applications (Rob Chrisman).

Last month, Fannie Mae gave mortgage servicers the go-ahead to use third-party vendors to verify employment and income for borrower mortgage assistance applications. With over 2% of Fannie and Freddie loans in forbearance, servicers will need a leg up on what lies ahead. FormFree’s AccountChek 3n1 eliminates the lengthy paper chase by electronically collating direct-source borrower asset, income, and employment data in a single, easy-to-read report. What’s more, by partnering with 35 of the nation’s top payroll providers, 3n1’s VOIE network covers more than 100 million working Americans. Contact Gregg Palmer to learn how 3n1 can connect you with secure, accurate direct-source data, instantly.

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