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Founder’s Friday: Interview with Brent Chandler FormFree Holdings Corporation

Today’s featured Friday founder is Brent Chandler from FormFree Holdings Corporation. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about his company and why he feels it could potentially change the mortgage-lending industry. Enjoy.

Founder: Brent Chandler
Company: FormFree Holdings Corporation
Brandon: Tell me a little bit about your company.
Brent: I founded FormFree Holdings back in 2008 with the idea of replacing paper and forms in the loan process with digital equivalents. In a nutshell, our flagship product AccountChek is an automated verification of deposit solution. We collect asset related data: bank statements, brokerage, IRAs, 401Ks and other asset information in a real time digital environment. We reach out to over 15,000 financial institutions on behalf of borrowers, with their authorization, and we analyze the information we retrieve, certify it and report on it back to the lenders. It’s a tool that really enhances a consumer’s experience when they are trying to apply for a loan.

We also have an emerging product called ATP, short for “Ability to Pay”. Our ATP product is a powerful analysis tool that helps lenders determine whether a borrower can truly afford the loan and dovetails with the AccountChek reports.

Brandon: What motivated you to get started?
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