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FormFree announces integration with Easy Mortgage Apps

FormFree Holdings announced that it successfully launched the integration of its AccountChek product with Easy Mortgage Apps an app that allows loan officers, borrowers and real estate agents to track application status, communicate with all relevant parties and share time-sensitive data from a mobile device.
AccountChek is a web-based platform that empowers users to order, analyze, and certify a borrower’s bank statement data electronically, rather than borrowers having to produce paper documents.
The integration with Easy Mortgage Apps will allow lender to use AccountChek through a mobile device.
The integration enables loan officers and underwriters to verify mortgage applicants’ financial asset data through mobile devices, allowing for a more streamlined lending process for customers, FormFree said in a release.
“Easy Mortgage Apps looks forward to partnering with FormFree to offer consumers a mobile-centric and more efficient way to instantly provide integral banking documentation,” said Michael Kelleher, president and founder of Easy Mortgage Apps. “The result is a streamlined lending process.”
Brian Chandler, FormFree’s CEO, said that the partnership further illustrates the digital evolution of lending.
I am excited to be working with Michael and his team to deliver an entirely mobile solution for lenders to more quickly and securely verify their loan applicants’ bank statements digitally,” Chandler said.
“Consumers are more comfortable than ever using their mobile devices for everything from communication to conducting sophisticated transactions,” Chandler said. “This integration allows everyone to move through the loan process faster while enabling lenders to make better credit decisions.”
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