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FormFree Featured Today in Influential Rob Chrisman Mortgage Report

Rob Chrisman, influential mortgage industry blogger, released today an update on industry news that prominently features FormFree as a company making life easier for lenders and customers alike.

Chrisman leads off his section on vendors “trying to make life easier, and stay ahead of QM changes” with information about FormFree and our award-winning AccountChek instant verification solution.
Included is an update from FormFree’s own George Manolis:

If you are still collecting bank/brokerage statements the old school way, you should look at AccountChek from FormFree Holdings, the winner of this year’s Mortgage Technology ‘Fix It’ Award at the MBA in D.C. We provide digital account statements along with an instant VOD directly from the borrower’s bank, allowing you a real time view of the borrower’s finances.

Your LO’s and processors no longer have to deal with paper or emailed statements! Because the account data come directly from the borrower’s financial institution, fraud and error is virtually eliminated. And who wouldn’t say yes to increased efficiency? Go paperless.

You can view the full report at Rob Chrisman’s Dec. 17 Mortgage News and Commentary.
FormFree is delighted to be included in the feature and appreciates Rob Chrisman keeping an eye on our fast-moving company.
This is not the first time FormFree was proud to be featured in Chrisman’s blog. He recently highlighted FormFree as “Part of Next Generation in Lending”.

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