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Rob Chrisman Report Lauds FORMFREE’s ACCOUNTCHEK As Part of Next Generation in Lending

Quote “The collection and processing of paper bank statements and VOD’s has finally evolved towards a paperless and instantaneous workflow. FORMFREE was just nominated for the Mortgage Technology Fix It Award because its product  ACCOUNTCHEK pulls digital bank statements in a few minutes and includes an instant VOD. “LOs and borrowers will never have to touch another paper statement again, which means virtual elimination of bank statement fraud, faster turn times and increased operating efficiency.”  Working with the likes of Fannie Mae, Equifax, and AmEx, it appears that ACCOUNTCHEK‘s automated collection of bank statements and VODs is part of the next generation in loan processing. (If you want more information on AccountChek, contact George Manolis at, and no, this is not a paid ad.)”
To read the full Rob Chrisman report, please visit his site.

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