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Top FormFree Headlines from November 2020

If Consumers Aren’t Holding Lenders Back, Then Who or What Is?
For too long, we’ve made prospective borrowers submit forms and documents for review in an antiquated process that’s subject to fraud, bias and human error. We need to empower consumers with the ability to carry their financial DNA with them at all times and share it with others on demand. Read more
Christy Moss, CMB, and Ken Logan, CMB: Reps and Warrants Relief Key to IMB Liquidity Strategies
There is more to spinning today’s volume into gold than efficiently originating high quality loans. For independent mortgage banks, the name of the game is liquidity. Read more
Indecomm Partners with FormFree to Introduce Business Health Check
Business Health Check is an automated analysis of self-employed loan applicants’ current business income and expense streams. Read more
Informative Research Partners with FormFree, Enabling Customers to Verify Borrower Data More Quickly and Efficiently
FormFree’s AccountChek and AccountChek Plus are now available to Informative Research Partners customers, enabling them to verify borrower data more quickly and efficiently. Read more  
#NEXTDC20 on Demand: 5-Minute Tips with Brent Chandler
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Team spotlight: Sarah Crossley
As director of marketing, Sarah develops and implements marketing plans, events and brand awareness campaigns that promote FormFree and its products. Prior to taking the helm of the marketing team, Sarah kicked off her career in FormFree’s human resources department. In her spare time, Sarah loves to go sailing and practice fitness.

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Top FormFree Headlines from December 2020

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