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Veri-Tax Makes FormFree #1 in 2014

Veri-Tax has made its reseller relationship with AccountChek one of the company’s highest priorities in 2014.
To jumpstart outreach efforts in the new year, Veri-Tax recently invited thousands of active users to a series of webinars that convey the benefits of the AccountChek service.

Additionally, representatives of FormFree recently presented in-person demos and Q&A sessions for Veri-Tax’s sales and account management teams, which helped construct upcoming improvements to the AccountChek product. FormFree is committed to maximizing the ease of use of its application, whether users access it on a PC, phone, or tablet.

Both companies look forward to a productive year leveraging AccountChek, to enhance customer service, and to provide a competitive advantage to the two companies’ respective clients.

FormFree is the proud winner of the 2013 Mortgage Technology Fix-It Award.
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