Announcement: AccountChek supports Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Cash Flow Underwriting to help consumers with low or no score. Learn more


Lenders large and small have completed more than $3 trillion in loan verifications with FormFree. 

As an authorized report provider for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FormFree also supports HUD, FHA, VA, USDA, non-QM and jumbo products.

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We were, and still remain, impressed with the value AccountChek offers. We love getting all three verifications, with pay stubs and W-2s, at a very reasonable price point.

Before launching our digital and correspondent lending channels, we were doing about $150 million a month in mortgage volume, whereas now we are doing $2 billion a month in mortgage volume. AccountChek has been an essential component of our expansion strategy.

AccountChek gives borrowers one less thing to do, producing an all-around more satisfactory lending experience. Instead of tracking down paper statements or downloading them from the bank’s website, borrowers can verify assets in minutes on their own mobile device.

Our fallback VOE provider doesn’t give us any pay stubs. With Formfree, we get six of them along with W-2s before we’ve even sent disclosures out to our client.