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Paper Free. Hassle Free. FormFree.

FormFree understands where consumer data resides, how to gain access to it and most importantly, how to make it actionable for everyone.

FormFree is a market-leading technology company whose patented technology is building a more transparent and inclusive credit and capital market by enabling creditors to understand a person’s ability-to-pay (ATP) and willingness-to-pay.

Brent A. Chandler

Founder of FormFree

FormFree Founder and CEO Brent Chandler is a widely recognized innovator in financial services technologies who helped create the world’s first online trade at CheckFree and ushered in the “aggregation revolution” at CashEdge (both later acquired by Fiserv). He has also held senior-level positions at Merrill Lynch and Fidelity.

FormFree’s Vision

Our vision is an era of transparent, fair and inclusive credit markets.

FormFree’s Mission

Our mission is to democratize lending for humanity.