AccountChek Plus™ is here!!

  • Robust data at lenders’ fingertips providing better insight into a borrower’s ability to pay.

Verify assets, income, employment and more.

The last verification tool you’ll ever need. Pay for success.


Assurance you've got the right person.

With proprietary facial recognition software, get absolute certainty that the person you're verifying is the right one.


Data taken directly from the source.

You don't have to take borrowers at their word - get all their financial data verified from any of our 48,000+ connections.


Tax information at a flick of the wrist.

With data directly imported from the IRS, your borrowers can easily get you their tax returns, W-2's, and 1099's.


Nothing is left unchecked.

With our sophisticated AI engine, we'll also verify employment, credit and even liens & judgments.

One report to rule them all.

The Passport™️ report gives you a quick look at all the data gathered during the borrower verification process. You’re welcome.

Asset Overview

No matter where your borrowers bank, we’ve got them covered. With over 16,000 financial institutions to choose from, our state-of-the-art technology makes aggregation easy and reporting quick.

Employment Information

It's a match! Using multiple data points, including social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, we provide greater accuracy and confidence in matching your borrower's employer name.

Income Data

No shuffling through papers and tiring your fingers out with calculators. It's all done for you.

How It Works

Simple. It's a conversation.

Through a familiar conversational interface, we prepopulate borrowers' loan application in minutes without even realizing it. Yes, really.

  • No paper and faxing documents
  • Easy-to-use conversational user interface
  • Loan application completed in minutes
  • Completely API driven

Closed Loan Pricing Model

Pay for success!

Loan origination is expensive, and you should pay for what you use. Introducing the Closed Loan pricing model where you pay for a full report only when you use it.

Join the digital lending revolution.

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