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Case Studies

Ready to operate more efficiently, mitigate risk and improve the overall borrower experience? Check out how these customers are opening more doors with FormFree.

Guaranteed Rate

Almost 60% of Guaranteed Rate’s customers opt into digital asset verification with AccountChek. The result? An extraordinary time savings of 4 to 8 days per loan application for this leading national lender.

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PenFed Credit Union

AccountChek helped PenFed shorten the time it takes to provide immediate credit approval. Their members now report 87% satisfaction with their home financing experience when they opt into automated asset verification.

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George Mason Mortgage

George Mason Mortgage is delivering a better borrower experience by using AccountChek to simplify verification and democratize lending. As a result, they’ve seen substantially lower loan cycle times and improved loan officer productivity.

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Highland Mortgage

Highland Mortgage uses AccountChek to unlock unprecedented time savings in the verification of assets, income and employment for their customers. A process that once took days to complete is now finished in just a few minutes online.

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Trinity Oaks Mortgage

As a builder-driven mortgage company, Trinity Oaks requires real-time asset reports in 30, 60, 90 and 180-day refresh periods. With AccountChek, they can keep closings on track for their existing home and new construction transactions with flexibility and ease.

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Guild Mortgage 

Guild Mortgage uses AccountChek to revolutionize the mortgage underwriting process for both borrowers and lenders. The result? Quicker decisions, higher borrower satisfaction and a fraud-resistant loan process backed by secure, direct-source data.

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Thrive Mortgage

Thrive Mortgage adopted asset report data to verify their borrowers’ 12-month positive rent payment history and qualify more borrowers. Using AccountChek’s automated VOA process led to the elimination of duplicate bank account reviews and an all around faster time to close.

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