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Positive rent payment history from Fannie Mae

For the first time, people applying for mortgages who have paid rent consistently for at least 12 months can have that payment history considered by an automated underwriting system to help them qualify.

Fannie Mae’s positive rent payment history enhancement in Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) incorporates consumers’ rent payments in the mortgage credit evaluation process.

For AccountChek® users, Fannie Mae’s DU validation service will be able to use verification of asset (VOA) reports (i.e., bank statement data) to identify recurring rent payments and potentially enhance DU’s credit assessment of prospective, first-time home buyers.

What’s Different For Lenders? 

Nothing. Nada. Zero. For registered seller servicers (lenders), it’s business as usual. Enter the current rent payment amount in the borrower’s loan application, order a VOA report as normal, and FormFree will pull 12 months of account transaction data.


Again, zero. There are no additional charges associated with this new feature. AccountChek supports and delivers 12+ months of transaction history to Fannie Mae, allowing DU to identify consistent rent payments in a simple, straightforward way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this revolutionary?

A: For the first time, people who have paid rent consistently for at least 12 months can have that payment history considered by an automated underwriting system to help them qualify for a mortgage. This update can potentially expand homeownership opportunities to historically marginalized borrowers who have been overlooked by the traditional mortgage and banking system due to limited credit history.

Q: What will DU consider a “rent payment”?

A: For rent payments of $300 or more per month, DU will attempt to identify consistent payment amounts from the 12 months of bank statement data on the VOA report obtained by the lender that align with the rent amount provided on the DU loan application submitted to DU.

Q: Who has access to this new feature?

A: This update has been directly released into DU production for all seller servicers (lenders).

Q: Does the FormFree AccountCheck solution support 12-month data history?

A: Yes! AccountChek supports and delivers broad coverage of 12-months or more of transaction history to Fannie Mae at no additional charge.

Q: How do I request a 12-month report via the AccountChek platform?

A: You don’t! Unless you want to visibly see a 12 month asset report, you don’t need to request a different length report. Simply order an AccountChek asset report, as usual, and we will pull the required 12 months of the transaction data at no additional charge. Once submitted via DU, Fannie Mae will receive the 12 months+ of bank data required positive rent payment history enhancement. You only need access to the 12 month report, which you will receive.